6 Educational Apps That Will Help You Study

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In this digital world, technology has become like a second brain for students in classrooms across Australia. Every student has a smart phone, tablet or laptop now. But did you know these could be turned into effective learning tools and resources in Education? With the help of online apps, students are now catering to their own personal learning and study needs in a fun and convenient way. Using apps in class to take notes, set homework reminders and organise flash cards students of all ages are revolutionising the way we learn.

Below is a list of 6 educational apps that promote productive participation in class and usefulness in studying, note taking and time management.   Take a look and see which apps you could download to use in your next class or study session!



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Evernote is the perfect app for students who want to take organised notes in class. This app allows students to create multiple notes, with file attachments that can be edited, shared and annotated at any time.  This means students can share their notes with classmates and easily sort them into categorised notebooks e.g: different topics, subjects, to-do lists, test revision or vocational placement information. Students can also take notes in a variety of formats including text, sketches, photos, audio, videos, PDF’s and saved web clippings! It’s basically a digital notepad for all your thoughts during class. According to its users, the best thing about Evernote is that it syncs all your notes to your phone, tablet or computer automatically, meaning you’ll never have to worry losing your notes, or wonder which book you wrote them in again.

We love this app for it’s no nonsense usability. It’s easy to use and keeps all your notes secure!


educational apps


Price: Free

Never forget an assessment due date again this easy to use student planner! This free app is useful for students who have difficulty remembering the due dates of all their assignments. Students can monitor their class schedule, manage upcoming assignments and receive homework reminders all at once. It’s just like a digital diary. Designed in a simple calendar view with assignments sorted by due date, students are able to click on any particular day or time to see a listing of their scheduled tasks. This helps students at any level improve their organisational skills by keeping them up to date and on track with home-work reminders and assessment due date alerts! We love this app because remembering assignment due dates can be hard, especially when we also have to focus on things like work, friends and family and other outside commitments!

Give this app a go the next time you need help organising your study load. We guarentee it’ll help you keep on track to getting any assessment done.



Price: Free

Drop box is great for keeping all your essays in one place! This includes documents, PDF’s, photos, videos and all other files. Drop box can be easily accessed from your PC, laptop or even from your phone or tablet, meaning you can upload, save and backup your files from anywhere (including class!) All of your stored files can be accessed, edited and shared with other students even if they don’t have a Dropbox account which is a major help when working on group projects. We love this app for it convenience and accessibility.  Being able to access all our documents in one place, without worrying about the loss of a USB or our laptop crashing is a student’s dream come true.


Flashcards +

Price: Free

Revise and be prepared for any quiz with this fast, fun and free flashcard maker! Designed to help students learn things quickly in order ace their toughest class, this ultimate online flashcard and notecard tool for students can help you pass any quiz, exam or test! This app is supper easy to use. Students get to make flashcards, shuffle the deck and then test their own knowledge with quick revision cards.  The Flashcards app also lets students add images to their notes (perfect for visual learners) and eliminate the ones they eventually get a hang of – meaning they’ll only spend time mastering the cards need to get a better understanding of! Students can add key words, summarised topic notes, important questions and answers to these cards to revise on the go! With this app you can review your aged care notes on the bus or cram for your business quiz on the way to class! Another incredible feature of this study app is its sharing function! After you’ve made a deck of revision cards Flashcards lets you share them with friends and other Queensford College students!

We love this app because it makes studying on the go easy! Did you know you can also view this app on your Apple watch? Meaning you can continue revising minutes before your quiz.



Price: Free

Referencing after an assignment can be rough. It’s tedious, incredibly thorough, and whilst important, it is also very boring. This app however saves students from a referencing nightmare by enabling students to create citation and references instantly in the click of button! All students have to do is copy and paste the sources URL into a reference generator to receive a perfectly cited quote.  This app is also supported by the previously mentioned app Evernote, which means you can instantly transfer any calculated references from RefMe to your other saved notes.

We love this app because its new features also include a function that checks our essays for plagiarism and offers new and exciting assignment topics when we get stuck!


educational apps


Price: Free

Wading through pages upon pages of information online can be tiresome. Especially in the midst of essay writing! Instapaper cuts through this problem by providing students web-page content from the internet in an easy to read, clean text only view format! This makes researching and sifting through pages of online advertisements and flashy images a clean and uncluttered experience. It is truly the simplest way to strip away all the clutter and save the content from webpage for an easier way of viewing! Students can even change this reading experience by altering the text font, colour themes and spacing options. Or even highlighting a specific quote of statistic they’d like to use in their assignment. Instapaper also enhances students reading experiences with features like text-to-speech, meaning students can listen to their research aloud anytime. All they have to do is plug in their earphones, turn the volume up and listen!

We love this app because you can save and store articles for reading offline! This means we can be on-the-go anywhere, at any time, without your data or Wi-Fi and still access our research.



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