6 Jobs You Need To Know About In Social Media Marketing

Right now, all over the world, companies are in desperate need of social media marketing experts to promote their brand, connect with their target customers, sell and gather market insight online. The increased demand for people with this skillset has put a lot of pressure on the business market and more and more individuals are considering a career in Social Media Marketing.

But what exactly are these people getting themselves into?

If you’re interested in kick-starting your career in social media marketing but are unsure of jobs are actually out there for qualified candidates – look no further!

Below are 6 of the highest paying social media marketing jobs in Australia right now – all available and in demand right now:


social media manager

Social Media Manager

A social media manager is responsible for a company’s social media marketing and advertising. They work alongside a team of social media coordinators, graphic designers, content writers and sale teams and are expected to:

Mitt Ray from Social Marketing Writing Online says social media managers understand that real people use social media.

“Most businesses see social media as a way to directly drive traffic to their website and force people to buy their products or use their service,” he says.

“Social media Managers turn the spotlight on the ‘social’ in social media by creating & sharing content and asking & answering questions.

“This helps build a royal fan base…. this isn’t done randomly, but with the implementation of a detailed strategy.” Mitt Ray, Social Marketing Writing Online, 2016

Average salary: $55, 465 – 78, 193


social media strategist

Social Media Strategist

A social media strategist is some who defines social media marketing techniques which will drive the financial growth and visibility of a company online. Essentially, they determine how a company’s brands and products should be best marketed.

Social media strategists define key performance indicators (KPI’s) and implement analytics and reporting methods to measure the level of success of a social media marketing campaign they developed.

Social Media Strategist Rachael Samuels from Sprout Social says a social media strategist doesn’t just spend time posting fun pictures on Instagram or searching for trends on Facebook all day.  Instead she says they work hard across several social channels at all times and must have multi-tasking abilities.

“A social media strategist must be able to work in many different disciplines and across each social channel (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, and LinkedIn)” she says.

“From day to day, they could wear the hat of a photographer, editor, copywriter, planner, customer support and even social media analyst.

“They also have to exercise the left side of their brain by being strategic and analytical, but they also have to use the right side of their brain by being artistic and creative.” Rachel Samuels, Sprout Social 2016.

Average salary: $72,500 – 123, 650


social media coordinator

Social Media Coordinator

A social media coordinator works in a team to help implement and maintain online marketing strategies developed by a social media manager. Using a range of digital media tools such as blogging, chat rooms, RSS feeds and online social media sites, a social media coordinator helps represent a company online.

Recent graduate Ellie Campbell works as Social Media Coordinator of the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. Every day she works in the epicentre of the games’ digital hub on the Gold Coast scheduling social media posts for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

“Every day is different! I love coming into work as a social media coordinator and working within a team to push creative limits,” she says.

“Sitting in the digital hub surrounded by hundreds of screens seeing the posts go live and watching the comments, likes and views roll in is such a rush.

“I love knowing I have created content that has engaged people from around the world.”

Ellie said she encourages students who are interested in kick-starting a career in social media marketing to take the risk and just go for it.

Average salary: $49,573 – 62,700


brand manager

Brand Manager

A social media brand manager is responsible for ensuring a company’s products or services resonate with customers. In order to do this, brand managers constantly monitor influential marketing trends and competitor activity.

Working with a team of social media coordinators, a brand manager will develop and implement online marketing campaigns to be executed across social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter (etc.) ensuring the brand look, feel, tone and overall message is consistent.

Average salary: $76 – $118, 600


content strategist

Content Strategist

A content strategist is someone who creates content to increase a company’s brand awareness and customer engagement.  They must develop a content strategy based on a company’s objectives to be executed across a network of social media sites and other online platforms including blogs and websites. Content strategists specialise in the writing, messaging and tone of editorial content.

Chantel McGee, a content strategist who works with various global tech start-ups told the Media Bistro that content strategy is the science behind storytelling.

“A content strategist plans, writes and edits content; ensures it is clear, compelling and properly distributed across web, mobile and social platforms; and adheres to a consistent brand philosophy,” she says.

“…I use data, research and my understanding of psychology to shape my client’s narrative and create content experiences tailored to the company’s target audience.” Chanel McGee, The Media Bistro, 2017

Average salary: $38, 600 – 102, 363


social media consultant

Social Media Consultant

A social media consultant is someone who uses social media platforms to build a company’s online reach. They create plans in line with a company’s specific goal or budget. This may be as simple as growing the company’s YouTube following, increasing a blog click through rate, or as complex as devising an online community networking strategy.

A social media consultant does not implement these individualised plans – they only create and recommend them.

Average salary: $43,900 – $ 87, 586


Salary figures sourced from www.payscale.com.au. Information is specific to the general industry.

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