6 Reasons To Kick Start A Career In Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is and continues to be one of the most incredibly powerful marketing tools ever.

Worldwide companies are now ditching traditional marketing methods and investing in social media marketing experts to promote their brand, connect with their target customers, sell and gather market insight online.

Because of this recent influx, there has been an increased demand for people with this skillset.  Quit wasting your time, money and resources. Invest in yourself by updating your skills and landing the job of your dreams with a qualification in Social Media Marketing now!

Still need convincing? Here are 6 reasons why a qualification in social media marketing can make you a successful social media professional:


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Reason 1: Employers need you

According to a report by Hays, a major global leader in recruiting services, there is an increasing need for digital marketing professionals as more and more Australian businesses shift their marketing online. This also included a high demand for digital producers and candidates with digital production skills across websites, social media platforms and mobile apps. Hays Quarterly Report, 2015

A social media report by Sensis explained Australia’s high demand for digital marketing professionals including social media marketing managers and strategists as a direct result of the steady investment by Australian businesses on social media as a tool to increase their sales. It also showed that businesses are in search of people who have the expertise to utilise its power to reap brand recognition which then leads to profit. Sensis Social Media Report 2016


Reason 2: Flexible career path

Studying social media marketing won’t limit you to just digital marketing.  Being versatile in all areas means many career paths and a broad range of career options.

Don’t get stuck in a corner!

Check out what some of the other areas you may get into include:

These roles along with social media marketing are all closely linked to each other. This is what makes a qualification in social media marketing so appealing – its diverse career outcomes and potential for industry growth and development.


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Reason 3: Learn from Pros

Our online marketing course, the Diploma of Social Media Marketing, was created by three leading global social media industry experts. Instead of mindlessly flipping through hundreds of pages about these individuals work you will be learning from them first hand.

Engage in comprehensive and forward thinking content written and designed by these professionals and gain the same practical skills they developed to manage and execute powerful digital and social media marketing campaigns.


Reason 4:  You were born into the internet, so naturally you’re already ahead

Internet natives – aka people born into an era where the internet already existed not people with HDMI cords for hands – are excelling in social media marketing roles because they have been using social media since the beginning of – their – time.

According to the Australian, baby boomers (also known as digital immigrants aka your mum and dad) have grown, and are used to, traditional marketing strategies across television, print, PR, catalogues and direct mail; and are hesitate to about jumping into this new digital space. It is for this very reason younger people are in high demand for these roles – they are familiar with being online and know what kind of posts will work to grab audience’s attention.

Imagine that! A job where your young age is considered a good thing that will increase your chances of landing a job.


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Reason 5: There are heaps of jobs out there

As a graduate of a social media marketing course, you can sleep easy knowing there are plenty of job opportunities across Australia and overseas. Currently, there are 3,441 Marketing and Communications jobs listed on SEEK Australia alone.

According to Payscale, an online salary and benefits information company, a Social Media Manager earns an average salary of $56,444 but has the potential to increase up to $83,475 after moving to higher earning positions in Social Media Optimisation, Strategy Development and Strategic Marketing areas.


Reason 6: Boost your own personal brand

After studying a Diploma of Social Media Marketing you will be well equipped at managing your own online presence and brand.

By learning how to develop blogs, informational text posts and images, videos and other engaging, visually stunning content you will be able to effectively promote yourself and develop an online presence aimed at future employer’s e.g: a personal website or online portfolio of your work examples.

This will boost your employment probabilities, help you stand out and separate you from the rest of the pack.


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