Myth Busting: Diploma of Social Media Marketing

We have had a number of people ask: “Are there are many job opportunities for students who complete the Diploma of Social Media Marketing?”

And we’ve done the research for you!

Hays, a global leader in recruitment services, found in their final 2015 Quarterly Report that there was, and continues to be, an increased demand for digital marketing professionals in Australia. The report also found that companies are looking for candidates with digital production skills who will be able to work confidently across social media platforms. As more and more companies continue to shift their marketing into the online space, recruiters will continue to look for candidates with strong digital marketing and communication skills – especially across social media channels. If you are interested in becoming a social media expert, there are 2 simple steps you can take.

You can start 1 – learning and 2 – doing right now. A Diploma of Social Media Marketing will give you the in-depth skills and knowledge to create and implement digital strategies that promote brand awareness and increase audience engagement. With this qualification, you will be able to actively plan and execute these digital strategies in the real world, connecting with consumers on a global basis.  Below are several more questions from students that have been investigated and busted by our Queensford College myth-busters. Check them out below:



Do I Need a Formal Qualification in Social Media Marketing to Be Successful?


Whilst a formal qualification in Social Media Marketing may not be necessary to develop the skills and knowledge required to execute digital strategies, it will help you formalise your skillset, stand out from your competitors and bump you to the top of recruiters hiring list. Education, combined with your own personal learning and practical experience is considered the best way to absorb knowledge about social media marketing. At Queensford College, our Social Media Marketing trainers are industry experts with 15+ years of experience working within a digital marketing space – so you know you’ll learn from the best.


To consolidate this knowledge it is important to go the extra mile and combine studying with work experience. Whilst studying, actively engage with local digital marketing companies and offer to volunteer your time as Social Media Intern. Soak up all the knowledge and experience you can. Take the opportunity to establish a network of digital leaders, professionals and mentors, who will offer support and guidance throughout your career.


Recruiters want to see you have professional, industry standard skills and experience and a formalised qualification in Social Media Marketing to back up your knowledge. Having a qualification shows you are competent.


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Are There Any Jobs?
A social media report by Sensis explained Australia’s high demand for digital marketing professionals including social media marketing managers and social media strategists as a direct result of the steady investment by Australian businesses on social media as a tool to increase their sales over the last few years. Sensis, 2016. At Queensford College, we searched the number of current Social Media Marketing jobs listed in Australia on right now to check out this demand.


It returned an incredible 2,908 listings. We decided to break these job listings down by state. Take a look:


QLD: 291 available jobs

NSW:  1174 available jobs

VIC:  701 available jobs

SA: 285 available jobs

ACT: 145 available jobs

WA: 142 available jobs


Which Skills Will I Learn in The Diploma of Social Media Marketing?


Companies are in desperate need of candidates with various digital marketing skills. The Hays report found that individuals confident in digital production skills across websites, social media and mobile app programs were highly sought after in the Australian business market.  Skills employers said they needed to help drive financial growth and execute digital marketing projects included:

These skills cannot be self-taught due to their new and emerging nature. They are constantly changing and evolving each year. It is worth investing your time and money and completing a nationally accredited Diploma in Social Media Marketing. This will guarantee you graduate with industry standard skills and are ready to step into an emerging social media marketing position.

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Queensford College aims to fill a gap in current marketing qualifications on offer worldwide, bringing to scope Australia’s first ever nationally accredited Diploma of Social Media Marketing. This course specialised master course aims to have students job ready in 12-18 months (full time) or

(18-24) months part-time. If you are looking to become a Social Media Marketing expert and launch a thriving career in marketing there has never been a better time to gain the skills, knowledge and experience required at Queensford College. Looking for more information? Please don’t hesitate to call Queensford College Course Advisors on 1300 236 364.


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