Queensford College

At Queensford College we are committed to the success of our students.
We offer you an education that will prepare you for success, expose you to new ideas and equip you with skills and knowledge to achieve your career goals.



Nationally Recognised Qualification

As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), Queensford College offers nationally recognised qualifi cations. These courses provide the appropriate competency outcomes and satisfactory basis for assessment and they meet national assurance requirements.


Flexible Learning

Whatever your lifestyle we have the delivery method to accommodate it. Whether your preference is distance learning, online courses or classroom based, Queensford proudly offer each, to you.



Industry Expert Trainers

Our trainers are industry-experts who are well-connected to their fields. We are passionate about creating an inspiring learning environment that motivates you to excel and succeed in your chosen course.



Job Oriented Learning

Not only do we provide in-depth theoretical concepts, we also incorporate practical applications of vocational study. The methods we employ can be applied immediately by our students in achieving both life and career goals.



Pathways To University

Many doors of opportunity begin to appear and open for you. You have the choice of finding employment to apply the skills you have learnt from us, or pursue higher education with universities where our courses can be credited against the course of your choosing.



Dedicated Student Support

We utilise new technological methods of learning to provide and effective and efficient knowledge delivery to our students. Our students have access to a team of reliable staff and trainers that are available throughout the course duration.



Recognition of Prior Learning

Turn your experience into a nationally recognised qualification with recognition of prior learning. Use your previous formal training, exisitng skills and work experience to boost your career and education opportunities.



Easily Accessible Campuses Locations

Located in the heart of each city, each Queensford College campus is situated in a prime location within the CBD. You could even study at one of our regional campus.



Affordable Payment Options

We offer flexible payment options allowing students to select a payment method best suitable to their financial means.