September 27, 2019

Brisbane Campus Update: New Clinical Training Facility


Queensford College presents its new clinical training facility, which will give students enrolled in the Diploma of Nursing* (HLT54115 CRICOS 096029D) an optimal simulated learning environment.

Located at Queensford College’s Brisbane Campus: Level 2, 359 Queen Street, Brisbane QLD 4000 Australia; the training facility has been designed to teach essential skills and knowledge using the latest technology and equipment in the health sector.

Combining modern amenities, the use of technological innovations, and focusing on the true purposes of Nursing, enrolled students of the course will find themselves belonging to one of the most competitive Diploma courses for nursing available in Australia today.

Take a quick glimpse below:

Diploma of Nursing Course Overview

The Diploma in Nursing course emphasises how “caring” should be the motivation among its students and all practising nurses. Our academic nursing team believes nurses should always make a conscious effort to preserve human caring within their clinical, administrative, educational, and/or research practice.

Becoming an enrolled nurse, students will be taught how to administer and monitor medications and care for older clients, acute care clients, and people with mental health conditions. Their skills will be put into practice within the new simulated clinical training facility, prior to embarking on Professional Experience Placement in the real world. What’s more is that students learn how to develop effective communication skills with patients and colleagues, and as well as, learning how to work within the industry’s legal and ethical parameters.

Click here for more information on the Diploma of Nursing

New Simulated Clinical Training Facility

At the heart of the nursing program, Queensford College has specifically designed a new simulated clinical training facility to provide an optimum learning environment using realistic simulation.

The layout is fitted out with seven hospital beds complete with pressure relieving mattresses, essential bed head units, disabled lavatory, storage and treatment rooms, first aid kits, basic emergency room equipment, and fully equipped training mannequins.

Within the clinical training facility students will gain practical hands-on training with using equipment like:

  • Electro-mechanical beds
  • Dressing trollies
  • Medical mannequins
  • Patient lifting machines
  • Medication cupboards
  • Pulse oximeter
  • Glucometer sets
  • Ophthalmoscope
  • Otoscope
  • Other medical consumables.

Queensford College Clinical Training Facility will be open for teaching 2018.


Professional Experience Placement

The clinical training facility will help students prepare for their Professional Experience Placement (PEP). Under the instruction of our industry experienced trainers, students will gain practical hands-on clinical and interpersonal skills to become self-assured and competent before going onto PEP.  The simulated environment will demonstrate to students the real world clinical situations, in which they will need to use on-the-spot thinking to attend to patient care.

Students are required to attend full-time clinical placement in areas of aged care, mental health, primary health care and acute care. PEP will entirely be organised and managed by Queensford College.

*This program is still in the process of undergoing accreditation with Australian Nursing & Midwifery Accreditation Council (ANMAC), and is currently only accredited with (ASQA) and CRICOS approved. Currently offered at Brisbane campus only.

Nursing continues to be one of Australia’s most in-demand jobs and having a qualification increases your possibilities of being noticed by recruiters for hospitals and other leading companies in the medical and health sector.

Talk to us today about this course on 1300 120 457 or email for more information.

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