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As one of the best countries to live in, Australia is as broad and diverse as the country’s landscape. With a multicultural society, breathtaking places to visit, exciting events, and unique heritage that are all enveloped in a vast country also known as “The Land Down Under”.

Being an international student in Australia means that you can rely on receiving world-class education, as Australia continues to be one of the top destinations for students from all over the globe. Many graduates express their wonderful experience that they had during their stay and some have in fact chose to settle here or are still regularly visiting Australia for business or leisure.

For more information about living in Australia, visit Study in Australia or read more about International related blogs in our Articles & Events page.


English is the official language spoken in Australia and all the education in Australia is in English.
Australia has reliable and affordable modes of public transportation: bus networks and train lines, ferries, trams, taxis and bicycles.
Being such a large country Australia experiences varied climatic conditions across the country.
Australia offers different varieties of food from Australian, Italian, Mexican, Asian, and Middle Eastern.
Australia’s indigenous heritage plays a defining role in the cultural landscape – creating and maintaining continuous links with the people and the land.
International Students studying in Australia have various housing options, they can choose to stay in Homestay Accommodation, Renting, Shared Accommodation.


Adelaide is a coastal city and is the capital of the state of South Australia (SA). It is home to more than 1.35 million people and is ranked as the fifth most populous city in the continent. and is composed of a diverse mix of immigrants from Europe and Asia. Adelaide is also known to give that Mediterranean vibe as it follows the same climate – long, very hot summers and then cold, snowless winters.

Adelaide is a major destination hub for over 35,000 international students. It is a perfect city for learners from abroad as the cost of living here is very affordable. Not to mention that its education system is one of the best in Australia with numerous world-class colleges and universities alongside many research institutes. One of those colleges is Queensford College in King William Street here in Adelaide.

South Australian Government provides transport concessions for international students on presentation of their formal student identification card. There are also two free services that serve the city and North Adelaide, which are Free City Connector and Free Tram. For more information: Transport

Brisbane is the third largest and third most populous city in Australia. It is also the capital of the state of Queensland (QLD) and is almost five times the size of Japan. Brisbane has a subtropical climate which makes it the perfect place for many outdoor activities like kayaking up the Brisbane River, camping and hiking in one of the national parks, snorkelling around one of the Moreton Bay islands, and a whole lot more.

Over 75,000 international students are calling Brisbane their second home. They all have access to a wide range of study choices whether vocational training or higher learning. Brisbane also offers a long list of credible educational institutions like Queensford College.

Students studying at Queensland education institutions are eligible for concessions on public transport, a GO card. Modes of transport includes buses, trains, and ferries. Students are allowed to apply for the tertiary concession fares. A free City Loop and Spring Hill Loop bus services are available within the Brisbane CBD. For more information: Visit Translink

Parramatta is a suburb in Sydney, in New South Wales (NSW) and the state’s second largest commercial business district. Established in 1788 by the British, Parramatta is a historic area teeming with many historic places to visit like the Old Government House, the Hambledon Cottage, and the Parramatta Park. Aside from the rich history, Parramatta is undeniably lively and exciting as it offers unlimited options for leisure, travel, and recreation.

New South Wales government is seeing the steady influx of international students in Parramatta with the additional funding for the construction of more school communities and infrastructure that will help students learn, live, and travel with ease. Parramatta will open its doors to Queensford College, a forward thinking education provider.

Some tertiary institutions are now able to offer international student student concession Opal card, allowing students to save on the cost of travel on buses, trains, light rail and most ferries throughout Greater Sydney. For more information: Transport

Living Costs

Knowing the average living costs in Australia is an important part of your preparation for living and studying in Australia. The costs below are an approximate guide only, and you should be aware that these costs may vary depending on your study location in Australia.

The ‘Insider Guides Cost of Living Calculator’ is also a useful tool to help estimate your cost of living in Australia.

Living Expenses

  • Groceries and eating out – $80 to $280 per week
  • Gas, electricity – $35 to $140 per week
  • Phone and Internet -$20 to $55 per week
  • Public trabsport -$15 to $55 per week
  • Car (after purchase) -$150 to $260 per week
  • Entertainment -$80 to $150 per week


One of the first things international students will have to determine when preparing to study in Australia is where to live. The majority of Australian students live off-campus, through homestay programs, hostels, or rental properties.

Queensford College does not provide accommodation facilities however, college representatives can guide students to accommodation providers (including Homestay and student accommodation facilities). The accommodation placement fee is AUD$200. Please provide the college with at least 14 days’ notice if you require our staff to arrange accommodation for you.

Accommodation TypesCostTypeLocationRecommended Stay
Hostels and Guesthouses$90 to $150 per weekHotels and discounted hotelsUsually in the city centreShort
Homestay$235 to $325 per weekHouseUsually in the city centreShort
Rentals$85 to $440 per weekApartments, Units or HousesMostly not in the city centreLong
On Campus$90 to $280 per weekApartments or bedroom unitsUsually in the university campusMedium

Support Services in Australia

Australia is generally a very safe and welcoming place to live and study, but it is still important to understand your new environment to ensure you have a safe and happy stay.

EMERGENCY – Dial 000
For emergency services requiring ambulance, fire brigade and/or police dial Triple Zero (000). In events of life threatening situations, such as a car crash or a fire. If you require a translator then tell the operator your language and they will connect you with one.

Support ServiceHow They Can Help YouContact Information
Australian Consumer LawUnderstand your legal rghts to regards to shopping or purchasing servicesconsumerlaw.gov.au
Australian Human Rights CommissionIf you feel you are being treated unfairly because of your race, descent, colour or ethnic/national origin then make a complaint to the Australian Human Rights Commission.humanrights.gov.au/race-discrimination
Australian Taxation OfficeContact them to arrange a Tax File Number or learn more about payments made to you while you’re here.ato.gov.au
Beyond BlueA free counselling service that you can contact if you are feeling depressed or anxious.1300 224 636
LifelineIf you need someone to talk to about your mental health, this resource is a crisis support hotline.131 114
Brisbane Student HubProvides information, advice and refer- rals on healthcare, employment, budget management, accommodation and legal services, as well as connecting students to local events and activities.mdaltd.org.au/brisbane- studenthub
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (For Embassies)If you require help from your country’s embassy within Australia.dfat.gov.au
Department of Home AffairsThis government department handles visa enquiries and issues.homeaffairs.gov.au
Commomwealth OmbudsmanThis ombudsman can help you in dealing with problems with private insti- tutions and education provideombudsman.gov.au
Tuition Protection ServiceIt is a government initiative if your insti- tution could not deliver your course of study,then government either help you in completing course elsewhere or help you in getting refund of uncompleted studies.tps.gov.au
Fair Work OmbudsmanIf you require assistance understanding your workplace rights and responsi- bilities13 13 94
Council of International Students AustraliaThe peak body for the interests and needs of international students, they always require volunteers.cisa.edu.au
Residential Tenancies AuthorityIf you have any issues with accommodation, or would like to know what your rights are.rta.qld.gov.au/renting/before-you-rent/students
Road Transport AuthorityIf you plan to drive in Brisbane then find out about the road rules and what you need to get yourself into a car.transport.qld.gov.au
Translink (QLD)To find out about trains, buses and ferries, including ticketing information, timetables and more in Queensland.13 12 30
Transport for NSWTo find out about trains, buses and ferries, including ticketing information, timetables and more in New South Wales.131 500
Adelaide Metro (SA)To find out about trains, buses and, in- cluding ticketing information, timetables and more in South Australia1300 311 108
Study BrisbaneFor information on living and studying in Brisbane. They also host events for international students throughout the year.studybrisbane.com
Study AdelaideFor information on living and studying in Adelaide. They also host events for inter- national students throughout the year.studyadelaide.com
National Sexual Assault, Domestic Family Violence Counselling ServiceIf you’ve been sexually assaulted and re- quire information and support services that are available.1800 737 732
Alcohol and Drug Information24/7 support for people in Queensland with alcohol and other drug concerns.1800 177 833
Community Legal CentresCommunity legal centres provide
free information, legal assistance and referral, representation and casework, community education and advocacy for vulnerable clients and communities facing legal problems.
(07) 3392 0092
1800 615 677
(02) 9212 7333
https://www.clcnsw. org.au
Children’s ServicesTo provide support and a range of ser- vices to children, young people, families and carers to ensure children’s safety and wellbeing and to prevent children from being harmed.1300 682 254
Kids HelplineAustralia’s only free, private and confidential 24/7 phone and online counselling service for young people aged 5 to 25.1800 55 1800
Poison Information CentreIf you require up-to-date advice to assist in the management of poisonings.13 11 26
Suport Service How They Can Help You Contact Information
Blacktown Hospital (02) 9881 8000 Blacktown-Mount-Druitt-Hos-pital
Macquarie University Hospital (02) 9812 3000 https://muh.org.au
Suport ServiceHow They Can Help YouContact Information
Royal Adelaide Hospital 08 7074 0000
The Queen Elizabeth Hospital (08) 8222 6000
Suport ServiceHow They Can Help YouContact Information
Mater Hospital (07) 3840 8111
Prince Charles Hospital (07) 3350 8111
Princes Alexandra Hospital (07) 3240 2111
Royal Brisbane Hospital (07) 3253 8111M
QE II Hospital (07) 3275 6111
Wesley Hospital (07) 3232 7000
Logan Hospital (07) 3299 8899
Gold Coast Hospital 1300 744 284

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) provides students with medical care and hospital cover and is available for up to five years for monthly payments from a number of different providers.

To find further information about OSHC.

Unique Student Identifier (USI)

International students studying in Australia requires a unique student identifier (USI). International students cannot apply for a USI whilst they are still overseas. International students will only be able to apply for a USI once you have entered Australia using your non-Australian passport and Australian visa.

A USI is required for students undertaking nationally recognised training (qualifications, accredited courses, skill sets and units of competency) unless exempt. If you do not have a USI you will not receive your qualification or statement of attainment.

Create your own USI. Student Services staff at your campus will also be able to assist you to create a USI.

Student Visa Requirements

Students are required to obey the following visa conditions of student visa subclass 500.

International Full-Time Students are required to attend 20 hours per week of study. Students must maintain satisfactory course progress during their studies.

Students can work up to a maximum of 40 hours per fortnight (period of 14 days from Monday to Sunday) when their course is in session. Otherwise, full time while on holidays.

All people working in Australia have basic rights and protections in the workplace, including minimum pay and conditions. The Fair Work Ombudsman makes sure that these rights are protected and enforced fairly under Australia’s workplace laws.

Click hereto read more about The Fair Work fact sheet.

Students must maintain up to date payment during their studies and have sufficient funds to support their study and stay in Australia. Funds should be sufficient to contribute to the cost of travel, tuition, school costs for any dependents and living costs.

Students must have and maintain health insurance, Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), during their stay in Australia in case of emergencies or accidents.

Any school aged dependents accompanying overseas students, as part of their student visa application, to Australia are required to pay full fees if they are enrolled in either a government or non- government school.

Queensford College requires students to keep us informed of any changes of their details so that they are correct and up to date in our systems. We require students to notify any changes made within 7 days that involve: contact details, residential address, passport information and emergency contact details.

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