November 16, 2019

Commercial Cookery and Hospitality Student

Finding a job. Being appreciated for the skills that you have. Getting a promotion at work. These are just some of the aspirations that we normally have and most of the time, getting there involves hurdles and difficulties. There might even be a few stumble blocks along the way and they can make the entire journey daunting and discouraging, almost to the point where you want to give up.

Andrés’ story is quite different. He is an aspiring chef who loves cooking more than anything else. He currently works at a local restaurant, where he is confidently turning every challenge that he encounters, into opportunities for him to be better at work and to get closer to his ultimate career goal. He recognises his latest professional achievements to his experience studying a Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery and Diploma of Hospitality Management at Queensford College. He was able to learn the necessary skills in being more productive in his line of work, as well as being capable of handling bigger responsibilities that are involved in restaurant operations. Here is Andrés’ story

A College That Helps Achieve Career Goals

Andrés’ was first introduced to Queensford College by an agency and in such a short amount of time he has progressed further in his career goals than he could have ever imagined.

“I heard there was being built a brand new commercial training kitchen here in Brisbane and so I got really interested. I made some time to come in for an interview with a one of the trainers at Queensford College. I got to know more about the plans for the commercial kitchen and the trainer showed me more about the possible career outcomes of the commercial cookery courses,” he said.

Fuelled by his passion for cooking and ability to solve problems, Andrés has found confidence in himself while working at the high-end cafe that he was initially placed at for vocational placement.

“I enjoyed cooking and my career goal is to become a Head Chef in a restaurant that’s why I choose to study commercial cookery. My first job was in a café and I’m still working there. I’ve climb positions there. They have more confidence in me and I have more duties and responsibilities but at the same time I have more space to create,” he said.

Prepare For The Real World With Real-Life Skills

As part of the Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery course, 48 food service shifts is required to be completed during vocational placement. Where the student is placed with a local employer with the assistance of the college.

It was not long before Andrés’ employers started to notice his progress he was making at work.

“I gain all my skills during the practical classes, which has helped in my vocational placement. You also learn that you have to keep going. Here I have been given information on how to handle situations and create new things.

At placement I started as commis chef then moved on to chef de partie. Commis chef is like apprentice. I helped the head chef. Now I have my own section as a chef de partie, where I pretty much have to do everything, duties in salads. For lunch I have to do three dishes: lamb salad, steak, salmon. I am in charge of two commis chef that helps me out. I am in the middle where I help the head chef out,” he said.

Supportive Trainers That Boost Confidence

With supportive trainers that are there to help in any way possible, students learning experiences are world-class, impactful, practical, and memorable. Not only are students given a confidence boost, but are also given the skill set that they need to thrive in the hospitality industry.

“Stephen is a really good trainer. He has a lot of experiences and all the time he gave us lots of advice. All the trainers encouraged us to try new things and to make it better every time.

I really enjoyed the creativity we have in the classroom. We have to make assessments related to plating dishes, create dishes, create menus to solve problems in the professional environment. So that’s a lot of creativity in the classroom with guidance from the trainer,” Andrés said.

Showcase Talent Through Memorable Experiences

Among Andrés’ experience studying at Queensford College, one of his highlights was participating in the Nestle Golden Chef’s Hat Award that the trainers helped make possible.

“The trainers were really supportive. We even had a competition and the trainer gave us space to train and advice on the competition. Two days training inside the kitchen then next day we attended the competition. She helped us out with the menu and it was really helpful before we got there. We cooked roast lamb with carrot puree, mint mayo and for dessert we did triple chocolate with orange.

Best moment at Queensford College is the competition. I was really proud because we did really well. We came fourth. There were about 13 judges and most of them said the food was really good,” he said.

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Queensford College’s New Commercial Kitchen Facility

Andres’ story is one of many students of commercial cookery and hospitality at Queensford College. These courses have all been carefully designed to help students move up and transform themselves into better individuals who are all ready to take on the challenges within the booming hospitality industry, not only in Australia but also, worldwide.

Queensford College has been investing in different ways by which it can further enrich the learning experiences of its students. Just recently, a one million dollar training commercial kitchen was launched at the Brisbane Campus. It is a fully-equipped professional kitchen fitted with state-of-the-art combi oven, two walk-in refrigerators, three (3) 2,000-liter freezers, and modern cooking utensils, and other appliances to stimulate a real-life commercial kitchen.

Class sizes are also kept small so that students are provided with adequate working space and undivided attention from the college’s industry-qualified trainers. Each student is allocated a workstation comprising of their own individual stove top, oven, fridge, and bench.

Queensford College’s School of Hospitality has just taken commercial cookery course delivery to a much higher level. The newly opened commercial kitchen facility is set to be the perfect stage for honing the skills and talents of aspiring chefs and cooks but also in bringing about the best learning experiences that create possibilities. Take a look inside Brisbane’s new hottest training commercial kitchen:

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