What is “Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)”?

RPL is undertaken through a stream lined assessment process that takes a practical approach maximising the use of on-site questioning and observation. Assessments are conducted this way to assist assessors in obtaining a full picture of the candidate’s skills and knowledge. This can then be compared with industry standards enabling a determination of whether the candidate has achieved the required outcomes.


What does the RPL process involve?

The RPL process is straight forward and to simplify it for you, we have an easy to follow 5 Step Process that is applied by our Professional Assessors.


Application Process

Candidates are required to complete a full application outlining ALL personal details of relevance to the RPL they are seeking and to provide as much SUPPORTING documentation as they can. You will be required to provide two (2) current industry referees to confirm the supporting documents supplied.

The Interview

Candidates will be required to attend an interview with a trainer to discuss and identify ALL PREVIOUS experience. This also gives the candidate an opportunity to provide any additional information about the documents supplied. For candidates who have little documentation, this is an opportunity to directly communicate your relevant industry experience (this should not be looked upon as a reason to not complete your RPL).

The Question of Competence Conversation

Candidates will be required to answer industry related questions, answers will be recorded and then measured by the pre-determined question bank industry standard.

The Practical Assessments

Candidates having made it through steps 1 to 3 will move into the practical portion of their RPL. The practical assessment will contain only those competencies the candidate was unable to provide/demonstrate in. The assessment contains the practical skills and the application of knowledge needed to complete the tasks and the candidate will be assessed on their overall performance.

The Gap Training

Upon completion of steps 1 to 4 assessors will have a clear understanding of what the candidate is capable of and where the gaps in their training are (if there are any). A pathway to full completion will be determined after the gaps are identified and discussed with the candidate.

How can you apply

Call us at 1300 120 457 or send an e-mail to info@queensford.edu.au to apply. Our supportive Course Advisors will provide you with more information and assist you through every step of the enrolment process.

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