April 17, 2020

Virtual Classes Now In Session

With Coronavirus (COVID-19) taking the world by storm and social distancing need of the hour, Queensford College has adopted the movement from classroom to virtual classes to ensure the well-being and safety of our students and staff.

Virtual classes allow for live stream interaction between the trainer and students as they are participating in learning activities from the comfort of their homes.

Testing and utilising this technology have probably never been so efficient. Our students are feeling good about attending virtual classes in their own comfortable spaces. On top of a typical class delivery, our trainers also provide moral support to the students when students have shared their concerns about the Covid-19 situation and their homesick feelings. Virtual technology and social distance have allowed to open a virtual safe space for students to express their thoughts of concerns, gratitude and peers support to each other and how they can help each other manage the negative thoughts.

Our Queensford College community has adapted to this new lifestyle and feedback has it it’s been great! Trainers and students have access for continuous connection and support and it emphasises that we’re all in this together approach.


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