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Queensford College Student Support

Queensford College’s Student Support Officers are available to provide relevant and up-to-date information concerning all students. Students can be provided with contact details for any matters that require further follow up with relevant professionals. Such referrals are provided by Queensford College at no cost to the student, but fees and charges may apply where an external service is used by the student (as clarified with the student prior to using the service). Students can gain advice and support in ensuring they maintain appropriate academic levels within their studies, in addition to support for personal and welfare issues. Students can access information regarding all support services by speaking with Student Services Officers and their trainer. Queensford College ensures that staff members who interact directly with overseas students are aware of the provider’s obligations under the ESOS Framework. Student can get various support while studying at Queensford College such as:
  • Academic support
  • LLN Support- determined at or prior to the enrolment
  • Other non-academic related (personal) support
  • Financial support (eligibility criteria may apply)
These support service will be made available to all students enrolled at Queensford College and all students are made aware of support services during orientation and via pre-enrolment information including the documents and information published on Queensford College website. For more information refer to the Student Support Policy and Procedure and Procedure and Student Handbook found here. You can email our Support Team or call them on: +61 7 3221 1626
Queensford College recognizes that the students’ personal, academic, social, emotional and mental well-being is crucial to successfully completing their studies. To find out more about how to receive support and counselling, view the process flow document below. 

Moodle is the official Learning Management System for Queensford College. To access Moodle, please click on the link below. Once logged in, your available courses will be displayed on the your Moodle Dashboard.

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Queensford College is committed to continually improving its quality of service and we encourage students to provide feedback about its operations and the quality of education and training.

If you are not happy with the services provided or a decision made by Queensford College, or would just like to provide feedback, please submit below. Prior to completing the form below, students should read through the Complaints and Appeals Policy and Procedure here.

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