NCLEX Exam Preparation Course

Course Description


If you are overseas nurse and want to get registration from APHRA canada in United Stated Nurse, this course is for your. This course is designed to combine your previous nursing knowledge, experience, nursing skills, and life experiences with new knowledge about the Australian healthcare system, the Australian Registered Nurse Standards of
Practice, and the Australian National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards

What is NCELEX:

The NCLEX-RN is a computer-adaptive test (CAT), which means each question you answer correctly determines the difficulty of the next question, as well as the overall number of questions you will answer. For this reason, there are anywhere between 75 and 145 questions on the NCLEX-RN. There are 15 pretest questions embedded in the total number of questions.

Pretest questions are used to determine the usefulness of such items in future iterations of the exam, which means they are not scored. However, you will not be able to tell the difference between scored questions and unscored pretest questions, so do the best you can on each consecutive question.

Questions will cease once it is determined with 95 percent accuracy that you have answered enough questions correctly or incorrectly to fall above or below the standard for passing the exam. The standard for passing the NCLEX-RN is variable and changes every three years. You must perform above the passing standard on the test in order to pass.

This course is available to Internationally qualified registered nurse

Course at a Glance

  • Duration

    12 Weeks
  • Start Date

    Various intake and start dates available. Contact us for more information.
  • Study Mode

    Blended (Predominately
    Face-to-Face and Online)
  • Study Location

    New South WalesQueensland
  • Campus Location


Entry Requirements

Students must have successfully completed International Qualified Registered Nurse.

Students will need to ensure they are able to connect to the internet and have the capability to use our online learning system
that meets the minimum technical requirements, which are:

  • Access to a laptop/computer is preferred
  • An operating system supporting the following browsers (current version and up to three most recent versions): Chrome, Firefox, Safari (excluding Safari on Windows), and Microsoft Edge
    • For Windows: Windows 10, 4 Gb RAM installed (minimum)
    • FOR MAC: Mac OS X 10.13 or above
  • Access to Word processing software, such as Microsoft Word
  • Reliable internet connection

Course Overview

This qualification to be suitable for students who have interest to become Qualified Registered Nurse in Australia.

Are you an Internationally qualified registered nurse and planning to get registration in Australia?